History Questionnaire Results – Mary E. Heptig/Anderson

More results from our history questionaire.

What would you like the Historical Society to
focus on?

Collecting info on past things from the town/

1. What is your first memory of St. George?

As a young girl growning up at
Flush i use to think, St. George was this bad town, and only
trouble makers live there, I have grown to enjoy the town and
love seening all the changes that towns folks are doing to better
the town and give it a new image

2. What did First Street (Main Street) look like when you arrived?

a run down street i use to think it was a dirt street

3. What businesses do you remember being in town and where were they located?

The Green Chicken/(No one went there unless they were trouble makers), and the Post office

4. What businesses do you miss the most?
Which would you like to see come back?

It would be nice to see or get the Grocery store back

5. Did you attend school here? What years?
Any special memories (such as your first day, etc?)

I went to school at Flush and Westmoreland, but did sporting events at the school.– Late 70s, to early 80s

8. What recreational activities did you partake in? (i.e., sports, skating rink, band, etc)

Track, Basketball

9. How did most people get around the town (and farther?)


10. Did you have a phone? Was it on a party-line? What’s your favorite party-line memory? Do you remember any phone numbers?

We had a phone at Flush, but everyone around us had a party-line

18. What are your memories of the Spring Tank?

Coming to St. George for track meets or football games, we would go over to the Tank and get a COLD drink of water… on Sundays my Family would drive into town to fill jugs up with water

19. What do you think of the new mural on the side of the store? Do you remember the first painting? Did you help?

The mural looks great

20. What single thing (event, invention, etc) made the biggest impact on St. George, in your opinion?

The Historical group stepping up and improving (working on it) the town